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Sungai Chilling Waterfall, Kuala Khubu Bahru, Malaysia

Peninsula Malaysia

Jungle Bathing- Trek to famous Chilling River Waterfall

The scenic Malaysian rainforest

When exotic birds, squirrels and monitor lizards cross your path, you know this is the place to get in tune with nature.

For the nature lover, a trekking expedition to Chilling River, which can last four hours or more, is just the activity to get into.

The flora and fauna of Chilling River as well as fresh air are bound to put one in high spirits and all that hiking should be a great stress reliever.

If hiking is too strenuous for some vacationers you can head straight for the Chilling River nature spa, simply called “The Chilling Spa”, to “chill out” and be pampered by the natural flow of water that runs through from the rocky gap of Chilling River. Your mind will go into a state of deep relaxation from “The Chilling Spa” with immediate effect.
Chilling River is just one and half-hour drive north from Kuala Lumpur city center or 55 km away. It is located in Ulu Selangor province and the nearby town is Kuala Kuhbu Bharu or KKB in short.

Chilling waterfall is another 1hour trek from the entrance. River crossing is a must for the trek, so you definite will get wet. Please be reminding that bring extra cloth to change.

Place for relaxing and a great touch with nature.


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