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Frequently Ask Question

Who is endemicguides.com?

Endemicguides.com is a nature travel package specialist. We are wholly owned by Endemic Net & Services.

How to book tour packages with endemicguides.com?

Please fill in the form provided or simply send us your requirements. We will respond to your request and send you the best deal around.

Why I don’t receive your reply email after 48hrs?

Your email could have gone missing during the sending process or email server failure. Please re-send request email and send a carbon copy (CC) to endemicG@gmail.com

What should I do if I still do not receive any reply after sending email to endemicG@gmail.com?

Please call us at the helpdesk number that is provided on the Contact Us page.

What are usually not included in the Tour Package?

Alcohol drinks, personal equipments, personal phone call…etc

Do endemicguides.com process visa for me?

We are not able to process visa application for you at this time. Kindly to refer to the respective embassy or representative in your home country.

Do I need to do medical checkup before departure?

It is always good to seek advice from your doctor before traveling. Some of our clients have gone for medical checkup before departure. Do ask your doctor for any medical advice

Do I need travel insurance?

We advice all travelers to subscribe to a travel insurance policy before departure, get a recognized travel insurance package that cover the area that you will travel.

How do I pay online?

We are using PayPal to receive your payment online, once your fund is transferred to our PayPal account, your package confirmations* will be ready. 

How do I pay offline?

You can direct transfer the fund to our given bank details from your home bank. Please refer to the list of bank details from our billing department.

What if I want to cancel and obtain a refund?

There would be no refunds for cancellation after the tour has commenced or for any tours, transfer, accommodation, meals or any other services provided not utilized within 2 weeks before departure date. However we can re-arrange (package that is 15 days or more) the date and package that you have already booked to another new date. All re-arranged packages will be subject to 10% administrative fees and the departure date is subjected to tour availability. Please note that, 5% credit card charges incurred on bookings are non-refundable.

How about child fare?

Yes. Usually children get special discounted prices. Please refer to “Child Rate” on the package brochures that we send to you.